Name: Vladyslav Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/20/17-09:47:32 AM Z


unfortunately, FeynCalc is not really suitable for non-relativistic
calculations as there is no built-in support for Cartesian/Euclidean

You could try to code something on top of FeynCalc to suit your needs,
but that will probably take quite some time, i.e. there is no fast and
simple solution.


Am 19.01.2017 um 21:34 schrieb Xiaojun Yao:
> Hi,
> For a particular reason, I want to do a (non-relativistic) calculation in the Coulomb gauge. I want the PolarizationSum to be the three-component one, and I want to contract three-dimension Euclidean indexes. Is this available in the current version? If so, can anyone tell me how to do it?
> Many thanks,
> Xiaojun

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