Name: Xiu-Lei Ren (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/17/16-11:19:08 AM Z

Dear Vladyslav,

Recently, I use the TID to calcualte a triangle diagram,
where the dirac spinors are explicitly involved.

TID[ (SpinorUBar[Momentum[p3, D], mN].GAD[\[Mu]].SpinorU[
     Momentum[p1, D], mN]) (SpinorUBar[Momentum[p4, D],
     Momentum[p2, D], mN]) ((2 FVD[l, \[Mu]] + FVD[q, \[Mu]]) FVD[
     l, \[Nu]] (FVD[p4, \[Omega]] -
      FVD[l, \[Omega]]) (FVD[l, \[Rho]] +
      FVD[q, \[Rho]])) FeynAmpDenominator[
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[l, D], m\[Pi]],
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[l + q, D], m\[Pi]],
   PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[p4 - l, D], mN]], l,
 UsePaVeBasis -> True, PaVeAutoReduce -> False]

Unfortunately, TID not works with

TID::failmsg: Error! TID has encountered a fatal problem and must abort the computation. The problem reads: Your input contains a mixture of 4- and D-dimensional quantities. This i\[Ellipsis] on, unless you are using the Breitenlohner-Maison-t'Hooft-Veltman scheme. >>

When I use FC9.0.1 to do such calculation, there is no problem.

Could you kindly let me what should I do in FC9.2.0?

Thanks in advance!
Xiu-Lei Ren

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