Name: Vladyslav Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/22/16-12:14:24 PM Z

Announcement: FeynHelpers 1.0 released!

Dear FeynCalc users,

I'm very happy to announce that my FeynCalc add-on "FeynHelpers"
is now official. It is an interface that seamlessly integrates
the library of analytic results for scalar 1-loop integrals with up
to 4 legs from Package-X ( and the IBP-reduction
engine of FIRE ( into FeynCalc.

FeynHelpers makes it very simple to obtain fully analytic results for
1-loop amplitudes, while you can still work in the familiar FeynCalc
environment. Furthermore, one can use IBP-techniques when working with
multi-loop amplitudes in a much more convenient way.

The accompanying preprint that also serves as a manual (at least for now)
is available here:

The installation is very easy. If you have an older version of FeynCalc
you need to update to version 9.2 first:


Then in the same session you evaluate


and after restarting the kernel FeynHelpers is ready to use


The examples described in the preprint are bundled as Mathematica
notebooks with
the source files of the document:

However, they are also shipped with FeynHelpers as .m files under
see also <>

Please notice that the QED renormalization example and the QCD/NRQCD
vertex matching example require
custom FeynArts models created with FeynRules. To run those examples you
need to first install
FeynRules from

and run the .m files


they will automatically create FeynArts models and copy them to

The code of the interface is available here

As in case of FeynCalc, there are two branches:

* stable for releases and bugfixes
* master for not development and not so well tested new features

When you install with InstallFeynHelpers[] you get the stable version.
To obtain the
development version, use
InstallFeynHelpers[InstallFeynHelpersDevelopmentVersion -> True]

You can post questions regarding FeynHelpers on this mailing list.

Have fun!


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