Name: Francsco (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/19/16-02:02:40 AM Z

Hi everyone!
The model I am using is the following

.mod file
.gen file

where there is a spin-1 and spin-2 fields which couple to d-type quark. The theory is SU(3) flavor-invariant and I have operators with the expression of the generators.
I tried to define them in feynrules and then export the model. Any way, I replaced them with FASUNT and it seems to work well.

When i ask to compare the amplitude for the process dq dq -> dq dq with
InsertFields[top, {F[4, {}], F[4, {}]} -> {F[4, {}], F[4, {}]},
  InsertionLevel -> {Classes}, Model -> "spin2",
  GenericModel -> "spin2",
  ExcludeParticles -> {S[2], V[1], V[2], S[1], V[3], S[3]}];

 I get the result without problem.

Instead, when I try to compute the amplitude for a specific generation of quarks, like d d -> d d I get the a strange result

It seems that the sum over the adjoint-generation indices (the index labeling the generators) does not work… any suggestion??

Thank you,

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