Name: Yan (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/06/16-11:53:05 AM Z


I am now using Tarcer in feyncal to calculate 2-loop integrals on Macos. When I use TarcerRecurse[ ], I get some errors:

"Pattern HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`PP_ appears on the \
right-hand side of rule Subscript[\[CapitalDelta], \
246]->(HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`m2^2-2\ \
HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`m2\ \
m4^2-HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`PP_)\ \
(HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`m2^2+2\ \
HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`m2\ \
m4^2-HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`PP_). ď

Pattern::patvar: First element in pattern Pattern[0,_] is not a valid pattern name. >>
Pattern::patvar: First element in pattern Pattern[P^2,_] is not a valid pattern name. >>

Could you please tell me what does that mean?
This errors didn't appear when I compile Tarcer in a linux computer but use *.mx file in the mac OS.

And I also get some function with arguments like

{HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`n1, HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`m1}{HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`n2,HighEnergyPhysics`Tarcer`Private`m2}

What is n1,n2,m1,m2? I didnít find the explanation in Tarcer documentation.

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