Name: Camila (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/02/16-05:17:58 PM Z


I'm using the Feynarts 3.9 with the FeynCalc 9.0 (I also tested with development version) and I'm getting a problem to use the unitary gauge with the FCFAConvert.

I'm using: Model -> {"SM", "UnitarySM"}, GenericModel -> {"Lorentz",

 and setting the unitary gauge in the following way:

 CreateFeynAmp[dias, Truncated -> False,
  GaugeRules -> {GaugeXi[Z] -> Infinity, GaugeXi[A] -> Infinity,
    GaugeXi[W] -> Infinity}],
 IncomingMomenta -> {p1, p2}, OutgoingMomenta -> {k1, k2},
 UndoChiralSplittings -> True, ChangeDimension -> 4, List -> False]

In the end the amplitude still depends on \xi_Z. I'm doing something wrong or this could be a bug?

Thank you very much!

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