Name: YI-Bo Yang (email_not_shown)
Date: 04/05/16-03:23:19 AM Z


      When I do the following four indices integration

FAD[q1]^2 FAD[-p +
   q1] (Pair[LorentzIndex[li1], Momentum[-p + 2 q1]] Pair[
     LorentzIndex[li3], LorentzIndex[li5]] +
   Pair[LorentzIndex[li1], LorentzIndex[li5]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li3],
     Momentum[2 p - q1]] +
   Pair[LorentzIndex[li1], LorentzIndex[li3]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li5],
     Momentum[-p - q1]]) (Pair[LorentzIndex[li2],
     Momentum[p - 2 q1]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li4], LorentzIndex[li5]] +
   Pair[LorentzIndex[li2], LorentzIndex[li5]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li4],
     Momentum[-2 p + q1]] +
   Pair[LorentzIndex[li2], LorentzIndex[li4]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li5],
     Momentum[p + q1]]) (Pair[LorentzIndex[li3], Momentum[q1]] Pair[
     LorentzIndex[li4], LorentzIndex[li7]] -
   Pair[LorentzIndex[li3], LorentzIndex[li4]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li7],
     Momentum[q1]]) (-Pair[LorentzIndex[li3], LorentzIndex[li8]] Pair[
     LorentzIndex[li3], Momentum[q1]] +
   Pair[LorentzIndex[li3], LorentzIndex[li3]] Pair[LorentzIndex[li8],

with TID, an error message appears instead of the result,

Error! TID has encountered a fatal problem and must abort the computation. The problem reads: "Running tidSingleIntegral failed to achieve full tensor reduction of the unique integrals in

How can I do to avoid it?

Many thanks for any help,


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