Name: Sun Qingfeng (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/22/16-08:59:32 AM Z

When I test the stable version of FC9.0, I find the function FCPrepareFAAmp dose not always work proporly:
test1 = FAFeynAmpDenominator[
  FAPropagatorDenominator[Momentum[P, D], MW Sqrt[FAGaugeXi[W]]],
  FAPropagatorDenominator[Momentum[k, D], m]]

test2 = FCPrepareFAAmp[test1]

The expression in test2 still exist "FAGaugeXi", this problem can be fixed by applying this function repeatedly:

test3 = FCPrepareFAAmp[FCPrepareFAAmp[test1]]

Now the test3 is what I want.

I saw your source. I do not know why this problem should appear.

Sun Qingfeng

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