Name: Sun Qingfeng (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/07/15-01:55:33 PM Z

Thanks for the reply.

It is known that in FC9.0 we must change the output form to avoid warnings before loading:
 "CommonDefaultFormatTypes" -> {"Output" -> TraditionalForm}],

Before I load the SetOption command, the Output is "normal"
Input: 1+r-z
Output: 1+r-z
[Note in the above expression, I mean 1(The number "one")+r-z, not l(the letter)+r-z]

after I loaded the SetOption command, the output changed:
Input: 1+r-z
Output: r-z+1

Now I realize this problem comes from Mathematica, not FenyCalc.

Sun Qing-feng

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