Name: Sun Qingfeng (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/04/15-04:52:56 PM Z

I noticed that in dimensional regulation, the NDR scheme is adopted in FeynCalc 9.0. When I deal with the DiracTrace below:
 DiracGamma[LorentzIndex[Lor1, D], D].DiracGamma[Momentum[Lor2, D],
   D].DiracGamma[LorentzIndex[Lor3, D], D].DiracGamma[
   Momentum[Lor4, D], D].DiracGamma[LorentzIndex[Lor5, D],
   D].DiracGamma[Momentum[Lor6, D], D].DiracGamma[5]]
There will be warnings, So how can I deal with the DiracTrace above in dimensional regulation with FC9.0?

Thanks alot!

Sun Qingfeng

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