Name: Dimitry Fedorov (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/17/09-08:29:49 AM Z

The function A0[M1^2] depends on D implicitly. Also it depends on regulator
mass (mass scale) \mu^2. If you need i can find and write out exact formula,
but this formula one can find in any reference book concerning
Passrino-Veltman integral functions.

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Subject: SetOptions[OneLoop, Dimension -> D]

> Hi, I am using FC-6.00 with Mathematica-6.03 and run into problem of not
> being able to perform OneLoop integration for some arbitrary dimension D.
> Here one example calc.
> IN->
> SetOptions[OneLoop, Dimension -> D];
> TEST = OneLoop[k,
> I*FourVector[k, \[Mu], Dimension -> D]*
> FourVector[k, \[Nu], Dimension -> D]*FAD[{k, M1}]] // InputForm
> OUT->
> -(M1^2*Pi^2*(M1^2 + 2*A0[M1^2])*Pair[LorentzIndex[\[Mu]],
> LorentzIndex[\[Nu]]])/8
> I want to obtain the result being dependent of D, to cancel it later
> manually. Am I missing something?
> Thanks.

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