Name: Vladyslav Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/13/15-11:38:55 AM Z


thanks for reporting this. The underlying issue is the same as in,

namely SPC not simplifying everything it should. I'm working on a fix.

As a workaround you can use

TID[Pair[Momentum[k1, d], Momentum[q1, d]]^2 FeynAmpDenominator[
    PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[q1, d], mt],
    PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[p2, d] + Momentum[q1, d], mt],
    PropagatorDenominator[-Momentum[k1, d] + Momentum[p2, d] +
      Momentum[q1, d], mt],
    PropagatorDenominator[-Momentum[k1, d] - Momentum[k2, d] +
      Momentum[p2, d] + Momentum[q1, d], 0]], q1,
  UsePaVeBasis -> True] // ToPaVe[#, q1] &

This simplifies the integral to PaVe coefficient functions, not PaVe
scalar integrals as TID does by default.


Am 12.07.2015 um 06:49 schrieb Xing Wang:
> Hi. I got an error when I try to use OneLoopSimplify to do tensor reduction for a box integral.
> OneLoopSimplify[
> Pair[Momentum[k1, d], Momentum[q1, d]]^2 FeynAmpDenominator[
> PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[q1, d], mt],
> PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[p2, d] + Momentum[q1, d], mt],
> PropagatorDenominator[-Momentum[k1, d] + Momentum[p2, d] +
> Momentum[q1, d], mt],
> PropagatorDenominator[-Momentum[k1, d] - Momentum[k2, d] +
> Momentum[p2, d] + Momentum[q1, d], 0]], q1]
> It says:
> TID::failmsg: Error! TID has encountered a fatal problem and must abort the computation. The problem
> reads: tidSingleIntegral failed to achieve full tensor reduction in {-FeynAmpDenominator[PropagatorDenominator[Momentum[q1, d], 0], Propagat\[Ellipsis] ID`Private`tidIsolate[203]]^3*Pair[Momentum[-k1 - k2 + p2, d], Momentum[q1, d]])/(8*HoldForm[FeynCalc`TID`Private`tidIsolate[204]]^3)}
> Thanks in advance,
> Xing

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