Name: Luka Popov (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/11/15-08:37:33 AM Z

I am a little bit confused with the results I get using PaVeReduce. Naimely, one should expect the Passarino-Veltman function C_{12} to be symmetric with respect to the replacement p1 <-> p2 and m1 <-> m2, according to its definition.

However, I don't get this result when evaluating it with PaVeReduce:

PaVe[1, 2, {p10, p12, p20}, {m02, m12, m22}] -
  PaVe[1, 2, {p20, p12, p10}, {m02, m22, m12}] // PaVeReduce

The result of the above line is given by B0 functions and it does not equals zero, even when B0 is exactly calculated and inserted in the result.

Can you please tell me if I am doing something wrong? Thank you.

With regards,
Luka Popov

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