Name: manuel J. Vicente (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/06/15-02:38:40 PM Z

Dear Vladyslav,
   thanks for your prompt answer. I've also found another problem with OneLoop. It fails in the 8.2.0 and in today's nightly version. Results from default options and OneLoopSimplify->True differ.

  Notice the first line: bb=k. It corresponds to an external momentum. Changing its name to anything alphabetically after p (e.g. bb=x) seems to solve the problem??

<< FeynCalc`
bb = k;
ScalarProduct[bb, p1] = 0; ScalarProduct[bb, bb] = 0;
ScalarProduct[p1, p1] = m^2; ScalarProduct[p2, p2] = m^2;
ScalarProduct[p1, r] = 0; ScalarProduct[bb, r] = 0;
ScalarProduct[bb, p2] = 0; ScalarProduct[r, p2] = 1;
ScalarProduct[p1, p2] = 0;

amp = SPD[r, z] SPD[bb, z] SPD[p2, z] SPD[p1,
   z] FAD[{z, 0}, {p1 + bb - z, m}, {p2 - z, m}, {p1 - z, m}];

FI; OneLoop[z, amp] // PaVeReduce


OneLoop[z, amp, OneLoopSimplify -> True]


best regards and thanks again!

M.J. Vicente

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