Name: Kyrylo Bondarenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/27/15-02:34:18 PM Z

I found some strange behavior for DoPolarizationSums. Let
tmp = Conjugate[PolarizationVector[p, mu]] PolarizationVector[p, nu]

1) DoPolarizationSums[tmp+1,p] gives
3+e_{mu} e_{nu}
which is ok for number, but this command did nothing with polarizations.

2) DoPolarizationSums[tmp+1,p,0] gives
which is ok for tensor structure, but I expected 2 as a number.

3) DoPolarizationSums[tmp+1,p,p] gives
2 + (-g_{mu,nu} + p_{mu}p_{nu}/p^2)
which is ok for gluons, but it is not applicable for massive patricles because of 2, then 3.

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