Name: Nodoka Yamanaka (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/09/15-02:05:08 PM Z

Dear Developer,


In the use of SUND, I was aware that the formula for the reduction of the triple product of symmetric tensors
d_{iab} d_{jbc} d_{kca} = (N/2 - 6/N) d_{ijk}
that for the quadruple product
d_{iab} d_{jbc} d_{kcd} d_{lda} = ( 1 - 4/N^2 ) (delta_{ij} delta_{kl} +delta_{il} delta_{jk} ) + ( N/4 - 4/N )( d_{ijr} d_{klr} + d_{ilr} d_{jkr} ) - ( N/4 ) d_{ikr} d_{jlr}
are lacking.
(d_{ijk} is the symmetric tensor SUND[i,j,k] and delta_{ij} the Kronecker delta symbol).
Is it possible to add them in the formula of FeynCalc so that SUNSimplify can also reduce expressions involving them?

Sincerely yours,

Nodoka Yamanaka.

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