Name: max (email_not_shown)
Date: 01/27/15-11:30:03 AM Z


  I found there is a bug in FeynCalc when I running

In[174]:= g5 = -(I/24)
     LCD[\[Mu], \[Nu], \[Rho], \[Alpha]].GAD[\[Mu], \[Nu], \[Rho], \
\[Alpha]] // FCI

Out[174]= -(1/24) I \[Epsilon]^(\[Mu]\[Nu]\[Rho]\[Alpha]).\[Gamma]^\[Mu].\[Gamma]^\[Nu].\[Gamma]^\[Rho].\[Gamma]^\[Alpha]

In[178]:= g5p = -(I/24)
     LCD[\[Mu]1, \[Nu]1, \[Rho]1, \[Alpha]1].GAD[\[Mu]1, \[Nu]1, \
\[Rho]1, \[Alpha]1] // FCI

Out[178]= -(1/24) I \[Epsilon]^(\[Mu]1\[Nu]1\[Rho]1\[Alpha]1).\[Gamma]^\[Mu]1.\[Gamma]^\[Nu]1.\[Gamma]^\[Rho]1.\[Gamma]^\[Alpha]1

In[179]:= g52 = Factor2[Tr[g5.g5p]]

Out[179]= -(1/48) D (D^3 (-HighEnergyPhysics`fctools`DiracSimplify`Private`dS())-7 D^3+48 D^2-88 D+48)

There is the "-HighEnergyPhysics`fctools`DiracSimplify`Private`dS())", which is not supposed to emerge.

My version of FeynCalc is 8.1.0 in Linux.

All the best


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