Name: Vladyslav Shtabovenko (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/12/14-09:20:17 AM Z

Hi Mario,

in general, it shouldn't matter whether one applies DiracSimplify before OneLoop or afterwards.

However, I'm not sure that I can reproduce the behavior you describe.
I tested your code on FeynCalc 8.2 and on the latest development snapshot on GitHub but in both cases I got an identical result for I3 and I3w, namely

I*Pi^2*PL^2*(PL - 2*sw^2)*B0[Pair[Momentum[p], Momentum[p]] -
   2*Pair[Momentum[p], Momentum[q]] + Pair[Momentum[q],
    Momentum[q]], mi^2, mW^2]*dm[a]^2*dm[f]*(mi + ds[k])*
 (ds[p] - ds[q])*(StandardMatrixElement[
   Spinor[-Momentum[p] + Momentum[q], mb, 1] . DiracGamma[6] .
    Spinor[-Momentum[p], 0, 1]] + StandardMatrixElement[
   Spinor[-Momentum[p] + Momentum[q], mb, 1] . DiracGamma[7] .
    Spinor[-Momentum[p], 0, 1]])

What do you get?

Also, could you please give some details on your configuration: FeynCalc version, Mathematica version, and operating system? Are you loading any other packages together with FeynCalc?


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