Name: Marcela (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/13/14-07:24:55 PM Z

when I use OneLoop in D dimension I lose the Dimension D at the end, for example:
a = OneLoop[
  q, -(-I/Pi^2) Pair[LorentzIndex[\[Eta]],
    Momentum[p, D]] FAD[{p - q, I M}], Dimension -> D]
a[[3]] // StandardForm

Gives Pair[LorentzIndex[\[Eta]], Momentum[p]] instead of Pair[LorentzIndex[\[Eta]], Momentum[p,D]]

How can I do to obtain Pair[LorentzIndex[\[Eta]], Momentum[p,D]]? I want to be sure tha all the expressions I have are in dimension D.

Thank you!

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