Name: Nefedov Maxim (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/11/13-07:25:08 PM Z

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От: *Nefedov Maxim*
Дата: суббота, 11 мая 2013 г.
Тема: Box-diagrams, rational parts and OneLoop

  Trying to calculate box diagrams with OneLoop (Mathematica 7 + FC 8.2.0)
I obtained the different results in the seemingly equivalent calculations:
ScalarProduct[q1, q1] = 0;
ScalarProduct[q2, q2] = 0;
ScalarProduct[q3, q3] = 0;
den = FAD[{q, 0}, {q - q1, 0}, {q - q1 - q2, 0}, {q - q1 - q2 - q3,

(*Doing OneLoop with q^2*q^mu*q^nu in numerator and then contracting with
ex1 = PaVeReduce[
  Contract[OneLoop[q, den*SP[q, q]*FV[q,mu]*FV[q, nu]]*
    MT[mu, nu]]]

(*Doing OneLoop with q^4 in numerator*)
ex2 = PaVeReduce[OneLoop[q, den*SP[q, q]^2]]
 The results are different:


 It looks like that in this two cases, the rational part of the answer (the
part which is finite in the limit D->4, but not proportional to the basis
scalar integrals) is treated in a different way, and I can not guess how to
use OneLoop to obtain always the correct answers.
  Thanks in advance for any help.
               Maxim Nefedov

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