Name: J.P. Hsu (email_not_shown)
Date: 11/15/11-08:50:09 PM Z

     I was told that the following program runs in Mathematica 7 but
not in Mathematca 8.
(1) Could you please tell me why?
(2) If you have a similar program that can run on Mathematica 8, please
let me know. Thanks.
Regard. JP

\VacPol.m**************************)(*First input FeynCalc*)
<< FeynCalc.m
(*These are some shorthands for the FeynCalc notation*)

dm[mu_] := DiracMatrix[mu, Dimension -> D]
dm[5] := DiracMatrix[5]
ds[p_] := DiracSlash[p]
mt[mu_, nu_] := MetricTensor[mu, nu]
fv[p_, mu_] := FourVector[p, mu]
epsilon[a_, b_, c_, d_] : LeviCivita[a, b, c, d]
id[n_] := IdentityMatrix[n]
sp[p_, q_] := ScalarProduct[p, q]
li[mu_] := LorentzIndex[mu]
L := dm[7]
R := dm[6]
(*Now write the numerator of the Feynman diagram.We define the \
constant C=alpha/(4 pi)*)
num := -C Tr[
    dm[mu].(ds[q] + m).dm[
      nu].(ds[q] + ds[k] +
       m)] (*Tell FeynCalc to evaluate the integral in dimension D*)
SetOptions[OneLoop, Dimension -> D]
(*Define the amplitude*)
amp :=
    PropagatorDenominator[q + k, m], \ PropagatorDenominator[q, m]]
(*Calculate the result*)
res := (-I/Pi^2) OneLoop[q, amp]
ans = Simplify[res]

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