Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/24/11-02:31:18 AM Z

Subtracting both results and calling FCE//Factor on it,
the difference is:

(-32*I)*(MT[b, c]*LC[a][k, p, y] - MT[a, c]*LC[b][k, p, y] +
  FV[p, c]*LC[a, b][k, y] - FV[k, c]*LC[a, b][p, y] - FV[y, b]*LC[a, c][k, p] +
  FV[y, a]*LC[b, c][k, p] + SP[p, y]*LC[a, b, c][k] - SP[k, y]*LC[a, b, c][p])

which vanishes when you feed it into the Schouten function.

So the results are the same, really.


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