Name: Masaru Watanabe (email_not_shown)
Date: 08/17/11-09:35:13 AM Z

I have tested the DiracTrace example in Guide to FeynCalc 1.0 which worked correctly on Mathematica 5 but did not give the same answer
on Mathematica 8. I tested on Windows Vista. For Mma5:
  In[_]:= T[n_] := T[n] = Block[{gamma, calc},
        gamma = Dot @@ Table[DiracMatrix[a[i],
        Dimension -> (d - 4)], {i, 1, n}];
        calc = Timing[Tr[gamma.gamma]];
        Print["Time=", calc[[1]] // FeynCalcForm];
  In[_]:= T[3]
 Out[_]= -4(d-4)(d^2-14d+44)

But On Mma8:
 Out[_]= 4Overscript[\[Gamma], ^]^a(1).Overscript[\[Gamma], ^]^a(2).Overscript[\[Gamma], ^]^a(3).Overscript[\[Gamma], ^]^a(1).Overscript[\[Gamma], ^]^a(2).Overscript[\[Gamma], ^]^a(3)

Is this correct answer?

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