Name: TC (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/26/11-08:08:17 PM Z

If I contract an eps with a 4 vector as follows:

Calc[Eps[\[Alpha], \[Beta], \[Gamma], \[Delta]].FV[p,\[alpha]]]

I get what I would expect:

p^\[Alpha] \[Epsilon]^(\[Alpha] \[Beta] \[Gamma] \[Delta])

But when I do a large calculation with a trace:

Calc[Tr[GA[5, \[Alpha], \[Beta], \[Mu], \[Delta], \[Nu], \[Sigma]]].FV[p, \[Alpha]]]

I get something strange, where the p instead of being left as a vector with an index gets absorbed into the eps:

-4 I g^(\[Beta] \[Delta]) \[Epsilon]^(\[Mu]\[Nu]\[Sigma]p) + other terms

Which would be fine, except in my actual application I am contracting two of the same vector with the eps. So when they get raised into the eps like this the eps obviously vanishes.

What can I do to stop this?

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