Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/30/11-10:18:09 PM Z

>I've been trying out fc8beta3 and a few things don't work out as >expected, two of them:

>1. ComplexConjugate does not act on LorentzIndex
Yes. ComplexConjugate is basically broken. See the comments in ComplexConjugate.m I could try to fix it, but then Phi will have trouble. However, it is probably not at all easy to do this right.
So, if someone has a few days or weeks time: feel free to send me an improved version (with test cases).

>2. Expressions such as
>Eps[Momentum[p1], Momentum[p2], Momentum[p3], Momentum[p4 + p5]]
>do not simplify. I am using it with Mathematica 8
You could either explicitly use MomentumExpand first, or change
ExpandSclalarProduct to MomentumExpand in HighEnergyPhysics/fctools/EpsEvaluate.m
Then also the Calc function will do.

Feel free to send more (as concrete as possible) problems or bugs.
If it is easy I will fix it right away. If it takes longer, I am afraid I have no time (doing this all as an unpaid hobby now).

Rolf Mertig GluonVision GmbH Mathematica training & consulting & programming Berlin, Germany

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