Name: Fabrizio Nesti (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/21/11-11:49:22 PM Z

Even simpler:

INT[X_] := OneLoop[k, X, Dimension -> D, OneLoopSimplify -> False]

AMPLITUDE = (GSD[k] + GSD[p]) FAD[{k + p, mi}] FAD[{k, M}]

INT[AMPLITUDE] // PaVeReduce // Simplify

gives a similar result, with kslash+pslash....

(\[Pi] (\[Gamma]\[CenterDot]k+\[Gamma]\[CenterDot]p) ((M^2-mi^2) Subscript[B, 0](0,M^2,mi^2)-(M^2-mi^2+p^2) Subscript[B, 0](p^2,M^2,mi^2)))/(2 p^2)

Again, kslash does not appear if using Dimension->4. What is the real difference there? Finite parts in dimensional regularization? Or am I missing something?

Thanks, as usual, for your kind replies!

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