Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/21/11-02:01:31 PM Z

This is just a Mathematica feature.
I.e., if you use -> (Rule) the right-hand side is evaluated before
applying the rule (and Tr[a.b.GA[5]] just evaluates to 0).

So, just use :> (RuleDelayed):

(Please, to all: study and learn Mathematica. There are screencasts,
coursese etc.)

In[1]:= <<HighEnergyPhysics`fc`
Loading FeynCalc from /home/rolfm/HighEnergyPhysics
FeynCalc 8.0.0.beta2 Type ?FeynCalc for help or visit
$PrePrint is set to FeynCalcForm. Use FI and FC to change the display format.
Loading FeynArts, see for documentation
FeynArts 3.4 patched for use with FeynCalc

In[2]:= expr = GS[a, b, c, d];

In[3]:= expr /. Dot[x_, y__] :> Tr[Dot[x,y,GA[5]]]

Out[3]= (-4 I) eps[a, b, c, d]

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