Name: Hani (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/02/11-05:59:43 PM Z

Hello, I have Mathematica 8. I type this:

Tr[(GSD[p] + m).GAD[\[Mu]].(GSD[q] - m).GAD[\[Nu]]]

I just copy paste that from feyncalc guide. However, the result is:

4 DiracTrick(
  m + \!\(TraditionalForm\`"\[Gamma]"\)\[CenterDot]\!\(\
TraditionalForm\`p\), \[Gamma]^\!\(TraditionalForm\`\(TraditionalForm\
\`\[Mu]\)\), \
\!\(TraditionalForm\`"\[Gamma]"\)\[CenterDot]\!\(TraditionalForm\`q\) \
- m, \[Gamma]^\!\(TraditionalForm\`\(TraditionalForm\`\[Nu]\)\),
  InsideDiracTrace -> True, Factoring -> False,
  FeynCalcInternal -> True, DiracCanonical -> False,
  InsideDiracTrace -> True, Factoring -> False,
  FeynCalcInternal -> True, DiracCan

There is this annoying InsideDiracTrace, FeynCalcInternal, etc. Someone in this thread has the same problem, but he solves it with Mathematica 5. I only have Mathematica 8. How to proceed? please please help me. Thanx

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