Name: Marco 975 SMU (email_not_shown)
Date: 10/21/09-11:38:31 PM Z

Dear Rolf,

I have tried to install Feyncalc by following the instructions on the Feyncalc webpage.
The first problem is that I'm not abe to find on Mathematica 6.0 the command Rebuild Help Index in the Help Menu.
I have launched Feyncalc and everything seemed to be ok, but
once I have started to calculate common FermionSpinSum[...] and to do
the trace by Tr command, I have obtained a wrong result, with some
uncontracted momenta and the following message:

Global`OverVector::shdw: Symbol OverVector appears in multiple \
contexts {Global`,System`}; definitions in context Global` may shadow \or be shadowed by other definitions. >>

Is this due to the fact that I couldn't "Rebuild Help Index"? Or is this a problem with my installation?
Could you help me?

Thanls a lot!
Best Regards

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