Name: Donal (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/13/09-07:30:32 AM Z


I've encountered some strange behaviour using OneLoopSimplify. The following code is problematic:

OneLoopSimplify[ FVD[p, \[Mu]] SPD[p, k] FAD[{p}, {p, m}], p]

The output is zero. However, if you factor out the vector k (which of course is a constant in this integration) and therefore evaluate

OneLoopSimplify[ FV[p, \[Mu]] FV[p, \[Nu]] FAD[{p}, {p, m}], p]

the result is the expected non-zero stuff: the metric tensor/ (D (p^2 - m^2)).

I'm using FeynCalc 6.0.0 under mathematica 6.

If there is a work around that would be great (and apologies if I am just stupid.)


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