Name: Peng Guo (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/06/08-03:36:26 AM Z

Here are some problems I have found on mathematica 6 when I tried to load Feynarts and FeynCalc simultaneously.
I followed all the instruction at link to install and patch them.
But when I tried to load Feyncalc, it reports that many defined functions are shadowed in feynarts, such as Loop, FeynAmp, FeynAmpLish, PropagatorDenominator, FeynAmpDenominator, GaugeXi, NonCommutative,PolarizationVector,DiracSpinor,DiracTrace. and after it, there are several functions don't work, for instance MetricTensor, Contract....., but Feynarts works well.

However, when I try to do the same thing on mathematica 4.1 with HighEnergyPhysics- and feynarts3.4 version. everything is fine, both of them work very well.

Please help me with them.

Peng Guo

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