Name: H.Q.Chou (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/06/08-02:19:56 PM Z

Dear Sir:
   I am an user of FenCalc for two years. Recently I find a surprsing(to me) properties of some codes. Following are the codes:
OneLoop[k,ScalarProduct[k,p1]^2ScalarProduct[k,p2]ScalarProduct[k,p1]FAD [{k,M1},{k-p2},{k-p4},{p1+p2-k,M2}],OneLoopSimplify->True];
With this code, I can get results when using math4.1+FeynCalc4.1.1
but some mistakes (FYI..) are reported when I use maht5.1+FeynCalc5beta3 or 5beta1 or 4.2;
I want to know whether there are some bug in OneLoopSimplify in some cases. Would you kindly like to give me some informations on this.

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