Name: Chiara Sabelli (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/28/08-12:48:46 PM Z

I'm trying to install feyncalc600 on Mathemtica 6.0.2. I have downloaded the zip file and then I have exctrated it and I've moved the HghEnergyPhysics folder to the dir where I keep all Mathematica packages. When I run Mathematica I can't find the rebuild help index command and so I type

 ToFileName["/usr/local/bin/HighEnergyPhysics", "FeynCalc"]]

but when I type


I get the following error message:

Get::path: "\!\(ToFileName[{\*FractionBox[\($\), \(bin\\\ \
HighEnergyPhysics\\\ local\\\ usr\)], \"FeynCalc\"}]\) in $Path is \
not a string"
Get::noopen: "Cannot open \!\(\"HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`\"\)."

Is there any suggestion?!I'm not very confident nor with Unix nor with Mathematica!

Thank you all.

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