Name: Sherif Tawfik (email_not_shown)
Date: 12/21/07-04:00:34 PM Z

Hello all,

I have installed Mathematica 5.0 and placed the Feyncalc folder in Applications folder. When i run feyncalc it gives me this message:
  RowBox[{\(MakeExpression::"boxfmt"\), \(\(:\)\(\ \)\), \
"\<\"\\!\\(TraditionalForm\\`InputForm\\) in \\!\\(TraditionalForm\\`\\(
    MakeExpression[\\(\\(\\(\\(FormBox[\\(\\(\\\"HighEnergyPhysics\\\", \
\\(\\(\[LeftSkeleton] 9 \[RightSkeleton]\\)\\)\\)\\)]\\)\\), \\(\\(\
\[LeftSkeleton] 9 \[RightSkeleton]\\)\\)\\)\\)]\\)\\) is not a box formatting \
type. A box formatting type is any member of $BoxForms. \\!\\(\\*ButtonBox[\\\
\"More…\\\", ButtonStyle->\\\"RefGuideLinkText\\\", ButtonFrame->None, \
ButtonData:>\\\"General::boxfmt\\\"]\\)\"\>"}], TraditionalForm]\)

Please help!

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