Name: Alexander Semke (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/27/07-07:27:59 PM Z

Today I downloaded the 5.1-release (beta 3) and I'm a little bit confused about the output of OneLoop. Following code

<< HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`
SetOptions[OneLoop, Dimension -> D];
$LimitTo4 = False;
integralD=FAD[{Momentum[k, D], ma}, {Momentum[k+p,D],mb}, {Momentum[k + q, D], ma}]*FVD[k + p, beta]*FVD[p - q, alpha]*FVD[2*k + q, mu];
OneLoop[k, integralD]

produces strange strings like "Contract[p^alpha - q^alpha, q^beta*p^mu, Contract3 -> False]" in the output. If I quit the kernel and execute the code again, now omitting the option $LimitTo4=False, these messages disappear.
This code works well with the 4.1 version of FeynCalc - the are no such strange things in the output. It's also independent of whether I'm using the LimitTo4 option or not.
So, what's wrong with my code or with 5.1 beta3?


P.S.: Mathematica 5.2 was used.

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