Name: Dimitry Fedorov (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/28/07-08:17:35 AM Z

Dear George,
try to decompose your arbitrary matrix via 16 linear independent gamma
matrixes, I, \gamma^5, \Gamma^{\mu}, \gamma^5 \gamma^{\mu}, \sigma^{\mu\nu}.
After that multiplying by any gamma-matrix using usual rules in FeynCalc
will not be problematic.

Sincerely, Dimitry Fedorov,
Nuclear physics institute,
Moscow State University.

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Subject: Multiplication of Dirac Gamma matrices by arbitrary matrix

> Dear All,
> Can I multiply Dirac Gamma Matrices by an arbitrary matrix?
> When I try to do so, it treats my arbitrary matrix as a matrix but Gamma
as a not matrix but like a just number, it directly multiplies all elements
of my arbitrary matrix simply by gamma.
> If I am not clear pls give me your feedbck and I will try to precise my
> Cheers
> George

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