Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/16/07-04:02:04 PM Z

>Thank you for the suggestions. I will look more closely at FORM.
>Actually I had two things in mind when I considered MathCode to >generate stand-alone C++ code from Mathematica. I ran FeynCalc on a >farm of 300 machines to successfully calculate Dirac amplitudes for >some 40,000 diagrams and have publishable results, but the number of >processes I could have going was limited by the number of licenses >for Mathematica (could run only about 20 kernels at a time). So with >stand-alone code the number of the processes can go up an order of >magnitude, allowing to go to the next order of the calculation. >Secondly, it might still be faster to run a binary file rather than >a Mathematica notebook (no I/O delay, etc).

You do not need to use a Mathematica notebook to run FeynCalc code.
You can find some old ASCII-only examples in the original FeynCalc Guide (get all FCGuide*.ps.gz files) at
>FORM seems to be useful for the grid-computing as well, but I simply
>prefer to work with Mathematica and C++ (easier to develop complex >code) if it will be reasonable to do.

What you want is not possible at all.
>P.S. I am thinking to try and get a trial version of MathCode to >test it when I will have some free time (a good while later).
MathCode will not do what you want.
It is easy to find in :

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