Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/04/07-09:29:01 PM Z

While I have not used MathCode C++,
I cannot imagine how it would speed up anything in FeynCalc.
After all the time is needed in the algebraic
operations like Expand, Collect, etc. . MathCode does not help there.

If you need speed, just use FORM:
and, depending on what you want to do, FormCalc:

You can also easily read in FORM-results into FeynCalc:

Mostly the algorithms you use are more important than pure speed,
but sometimes (e.g. lengthy 3-loop calculations) there is just no
reasonable alternative to FORM (well, I have been told that people
used Mathematica on 256-CPU-Grid-clusters, and then you can also
do a lot, but the standard in research seems to be that
people use FORM).


P.s.: I have a long time ago used the Mathematica function Run
to execute FeynCalc-generated Shell-Scripts running FORM
on NextStep - machines. And then read the results into FeynCalc.
This is really easy and combines the strengths of both systems.

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