Name: myphuong le (email_not_shown)
Date: 10/26/06-03:10:14 AM Z

I have another question, I try to get a Feynman Rule for a Lagrangian term that involve fermions, for example:
(QuantumField[h,{li4,li5},{1}] MT[li4,li5] MT[li1,li2] - QuantumField[h,{li1,li2},{1}]).QuantumField[QuarkField].GA[li1].CovariantD[li2,Explicit->True].QuantumField[QuarkField].

1) When I put the field to be on the left, does it automatically know that it's Q_bar (complex_conjugate.GA[0] ?) The out of this line, doesn't show that, but It could just be that you don't bother to format the output.

2) When I take the functional Derivative, and I want to have 1 fermion in and and 1 fermion out (the momentum line follow the fermion line) How should I specify my fields? Here is what I have, which seems to give me a factor of 2 bigger than when I would derive the Feynman Rule by hand:

What did I do wrong?
My Phuong

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