Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/15/06-03:33:46 PM Z

yes, this is a nasty bug (involving subst in Rename in SUNSimplify and the suff-function).
Thanx for pointing it out and sorry for the trouble.
I think I just fixed it.
You can
replace the HighEnergyPhysics/fctools/SUNSimplify.m file
with the one I put (for the moment) on my page at:
Please test it ! (also others!)
If you do not find problems we will include it into the
 next FeynCalc version (and put it into CVS).

I get now:

In[1]:= !!q.m
sf1 = SUNSimplify[#, SUNNToCACF -> True]&;
sf2 = SUNSimplify[#, SUNNToCACF -> False]&;
Print @ InputForm @
Print @ InputForm @
Print @ InputForm @

In[1]:= <<q.m
((CA - 2*CF)^2*CF)/4
(-1 + SUNN^2)/(8*SUNN^3)
(-1 + SUNN^2)/(8*SUNN^3)


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