Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 02/08/06-12:10:21 PM Z

>Is this a problem at all to with FeynCalc?
>Or is it to do with the latex/tex installation!
This has nothing to do with FeynCalc.
Check out, e.g.:

There is also an undocumented function FeynCalcToLaTex
in HighEnergyPhysics/general, but it is broken under
Mathematica 5.2 (should work with 5.0 or so).
I think you (or somebody else on this forum with time?)
could fix it easily. The idea was to functionalize
TeX-creation of (larger) expressions, using TexSave and
subsequent string replacements.
I wrote this for LaTeX-generation of the FeynCalc book
(when working on it with Frederik two years ago ...).
I'll copy the code below.


(* :Title: FeynCalcToLaTeX *)

(* :Author: Rolf Mertig *)

(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *) (* :History: useful for documentation, but probably also otherwise *) (* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)

(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)

BeginPackage["HighEnergyPhysics`general`FeynCalcToLaTeX`", "HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`"];

FeynCalcToLaTeX::usage="FeynCalcToLaTeX[expr] generates LaTeX with line-breaking for expr. FeynCalcToLaTeX[expr, 500] generates LaTeX for expr with 500 being the Window width setting for the Mathematica frontend. Increasing its value will generate less line breaks.";

F2L::usage="F2L is the same as FeynCalcToLaTeX.";



F2L = FeynCalcToLaTeX;

FeynCalcToLaTeX[expr_, width_:500] := If[!$Notebooks, Needs["JLink`"]; JLink`InstallJava[]; JLink`UseFrontEnd[f2tex[expr, width]], f2tex[expr,width] ];

(* this is of course heuristics; should change to java.util.regexp or so ... *)

f2tex[expr_, width_:500] := Module[{r, n, w,y,z}, r = Cell[BoxData[FormBox[(MakeBoxes[#1, TraditionalForm] & )[expr], TraditionalForm]], "Output"]; n = NotebookPut[Notebook[{r}, WindowSize -> {width, Inherited}, Visible -> False]]; o = StringJoin[$TemporaryPrefix, ToString[Random[Integer, 10^8]], "fc2latex.tex"]; TeXSave[o, n]; t = Import[o, "Text"]; w = StringDrop[StringChomp[ StringReplace[StringDrop[t, StringPosition[t, "dispSFoutmath"][[1,1]] + 13], {"\\end{document}" -> "", "\\MathBegin{MathArray}{l}"->"", "\\MathBegin{MathArray}[p]{l}"->"", "\\MathEnd{MathArray}"->"", "\\NoBreak" -> ""} ]], -2]; DeleteFile[o]; NotebookClose[n]; y=StringChomp[StringReplace[StringJoin@@(Characters[ w]//.{in___,"\\",_,"s","p","a","c","e","{",___,"}", fi___}\[RuleDelayed] {in,fi}) ,"\\noalign{}"->""]]; z = StringReplace[FixedPoint[StringReplace[#, " "->" "]&,y],"\n \n"->"\n"]; z=StringReplace[StringReplace[z,"\\\\\n"->"\n\\\\\n"],"\n\n"->""]; z = StringReplace[z,"\n\\\\ (\n"-> "\n\\\\ \n( "]; If[StringMatchQ[z,"*\\\\"], z=StringDrop[z,-2]]; If[StringLength[z]>1, If[StringTake[z,1]==="{" && StringTake[z,-1]==="}", z = StringDrop[StringDrop[z, 1], -1]] ]; (*z = "$\n"<>z<>"\n$";*) (*not always useful, comment it out for now CellPrint[Cell[z, "Program"]] *);z]

End[]; EndPackage[];

(* ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ *)

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