Name: Ismail Turan (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/28/05-05:15:34 AM Z

Hi Rolf,

Thank you very much for suggestions. I have already implemented some of them.

About onshell conditions: does using mt2 instead of mt^2 make a difference regarding to efficiency?

I am kind of happy with OneLoop and whenever I try OneLoopSimplify or OneLoop with such setting, the CPU time becomes unacceptably large(for C-type, order of day) for especially C and D type diagrams. Of course if one is patient enough, then a lot simplified output is obtained. So I have to prefer using OneLoop and then try to make the simplifications after that. That's the way I found as a solution to the performance problem.

Swiching to FormCalc: it seems that it is faster but so far I haven't manage to compile it or get the compiled version of it for windows platform.

Thanks again for your support,

Best regards,


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