Name: K.B.Vijaya Kumar (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/15/05-11:36:26 AM Z

I work in the field of CHPT.

Just few days back, I used FeynCalc in IKP, Juelich on UNIX based machine. I calculated few diagrms.After coming back to India,I am trying to install FeynCalc on my system (window based) which has Mathematica 4.1 version. I need urgently to use Feyncalc to continue my calculations.

I did the following.

1) I downloaded and unzipped it in c:\program files\wolfram
2) Rebuilt the help index
3) opened a new Mathematica file with the commnad

4)I got the message:

>From In[1]:=
Get::noopen: Cannot open HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`.


I tried both in Windows 98/2000 to install. I was not succesful.

Please help me.

with regards
K.B. Vijaya Kumar

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