Name: Rolf Mertig (email_not_shown)
Date: 07/01/05-05:17:35 PM Z

>Are there any differences between 5.1.0beta1 and
>5.0.0beta1 (which I am using now) ?

The stupid trace-bugs are fixed and I also adapted
FC a bit more for work with Mathematica 5.1.
Frederik also did do a few things.
We just have to get around and put things together for
a release.

If you want to test the prerelease version let me know (send email directly to rolf AT please ).



P.s.: The trace-bug-fixes are already in CVS and
can be viewed and downloaded if you really care.
However: the bugs are really only happening in special
simple circumstances and were introduced during the beta phase; they should not bother people a lot if they use
Calc[], DiracSimplify, etc. .

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