Name: song (email_not_shown)
Date: 06/15/05-09:56:06 AM Z

when i use oneloop to calculate numerator*FAD[{k, m0},{k - p1, m1}, {k - p2, m2}], PaVe[1,2,{p1^2+p2^2-2 p1 p2,p1^2,p2^2},{m2^2,m1^2, m0^2}] appears. i hope there are just term like PaVe[1,2,{p1^2, p1^2+p2^2-2 p1 p2,p2^2},{m0^2,m1^2,m2^2}]. How to do it?

Is there an order to make C12 in standard way like PaVeOrder?

Best wishes.

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