Name: Sharaz (email_not_shown)
Date: 03/25/05-06:31:59 PM Z

Hello, I have just worked with FeynCalc, and I ran into a problem.

If I have an expression, say a combination of different momente - external - incomming as well as outgoing - for a fermionic feynman diagram, and i wish to use the Dirac equation for the diagram to reduce the expression -

how do I get RID of the spinors Ive introduced to simplify the expression? It seems impossible to rid of the Spinors once you've introduced them


A very simple example of the problem:

= SpinorUbar[p1,m].DS[q].SpinorUbar[p2,m]

Now how do you remove the spinors? If you have a very big expression - it wont be possible to remove them manually!

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