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Date: 12/08/04-11:45:15 PM Z

Dear Jinghantao,
yes, unfortunately there is a bug right now when calling
Tr directly on on unsimplified noncommutative expressions.
Please use DiracSimplify or Calc first.
E.g., defining

tr = TR[Calc[#]]& ;

and using tr instead of TR will give the correct result
for calculating traces.


Rolf Mertig

GluonVision GmbH

> when i use trace fuction to calculate the >expression:Tr[(GA[j].GS[q] - GS[q].GA[j]).(GA[i].GS[q] - >GS[q].GA[i])],the result is null. But for the >expression:Tr[DiracSimplify[(GA[j].GS[q] - >GS[q].GA[j]).(GA[i].GS[q] - GS[q].GA[i])]],the result isnot >null, furthermore, the second expression's result is the same >to my manuscript. why? Could you give me some help? thanks >very much.
>        jinghantao
>          2004-12-02

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