Name: (email_not_shown)
Date: 09/14/04-03:56:08 PM Z

i wanted to append the following things:
1) the integrals given in the message below ('more on the oneloop puzzle) evaluate in the same way as stated there, i.e. there seems to be a problem

the integrals which i'm curious about are

\!\(4\ m\^2\ \((\((4 - \[Epsilon])\)\ FAD[{q, mA}, {p + q,
              mA}] + \((1 - \[Xi])\)\^2\ FAD[{q, mA}, {p + q, mA}, {q,
              mA\ \@\[Xi]}, {p + q,
              mA\ \@\[Xi]}]\ \((\(-SP[p, q]\) - SP[q, q])\)\^2 + \((1 - \
\[Xi])\)\ \((\(-FAD[{q, mA}, {p + q, mA}, {q, mA\ \@\[Xi]}]\)\ SP[q, q] -
              FAD[{q, mA}, {p + q, mA}, {p + q, mA\ \@\[Xi]}]\ SP[p + q,
                  p + q])\))\)\)


\!\(8\ \((\(-FAD[{q, mA}, {p + q, mS2}]\)\ SP[p,
            p] + \((1 - \[Xi])\)\ FAD[{q, mA}, {p + q, mS2}, {q,
              mA\ \@\[Xi]}]\ SP[p, q]\^2)\)\)

PLEASE tell me if it is possible that the mistake strikes at these integrals, i have been looking for an error for two weeks now.


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