Name: Jean-Marc Samson (email_not_shown)
Date: 05/25/04-02:15:35 PM Z

I am having trouble using FAToFC in that I either don't know how to use it or it
is not in my Libaray. I'm using FeynCalc5Beta1
I create my field and then my amplitude, but when I try to use FAToFC

\[Mu]D = Topology[1][
        Propagator[Incoming][Vertex[1][1], Vertex[3][5], Field[1]],
        Propagator[Outgoing][Vertex[1][3], Vertex[3][6], Field[3]],
        Propagator[Outgoing][Vertex[1][4], Vertex[3][6], Field[4]],
        Propagator[Outgoing][Vertex[1][2], Vertex[3][5], Field[2]],
        Propagator[Internal][Vertex[3][5], Vertex[3][6], Field[5]]] ->
        Graph[1, Classes == 1][Field[1] -> F[2, {2}], Field[2] -> -F[1, {2}],
          Field[3] -> -F[2, {1}], Field[4] -> F[1, {1}], Field[5] -> V[3]]];

Then I try to convert the amplitude using
I just get the output of CreateFeynAmp

Jean-Marc Samson

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