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Date: 05/22/04-12:05:34 AM Z


Bob McElrath <> writes:

> FeynCalc involves a significant amount of "interface" for writing
> lagrangians, etc that may not be appropriate for literal translation,
> due to language differences. It may be worth thinking hard about a
> re-implementation of the functionality rather than a direct port.

Toward this end, it would be helpful to clearly and as concisely as
possible detail what Feyncalc can do, i.e. what is the functionality
implemented. I'm assuming this exists in the documentation, but as
you can tell, I haven't found time to dig in yet.

Take care,

> > > The "algorithms" are documented in QFT textbooks such as Peskin &
> > > Schroeder
> >
> > Would you really make this a claim? I still think, that without expert
> > knowledge one cannot derive even simple results out of these sources...
> I agree.
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